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University Libraries

Working Group #14

[modification]: University Libraries will become a service-oriented unit led by a University Librarian

Work Completed - Approved Implementation Memo

Chair: N.K. Anand


  • Maura Ives Professor and Department Head
  • Carlos Blanton Professor and Department Head
  • Diane Chico Instructional Professor and Medical Education Department Head
  • Stephanie Fulton Instructional Professor
  • Lisa Goodman Executive Professor
  • Margaret Ezell Distinguish Professor
  • Violet Johnson Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty
  • Bruce Herbert Professor
  • Stephanie Graves Associate Professor
  • Julie Mosbo Ballestro Interim Dean
  • Beth Chenette Staff
  • Sarah Potvin Associate Professor
  • Peter Lange Associate VP
  • Heather Lench Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences and Senior Vice President of Faculty Affairs