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Journalism Department

Working Group #11

Establish a Department of Journalism [modification]: Administrative Structure of the program will be recommended by the working group

Work Completed - Approved Implementation Memo

Chair: Tim Scott


  • Karen Butler-Purry Professor (ECEN) and Associate Provost and Dean
  • Barbara Gastel Professor & Coordinator, Science & Technology Journalism Graduate Program
  • Kim Dooley Professor
  • Kevin Barge Professor
  • Holli Leggette Associate Professor
  • Angelique Gammon Associate Professor of Practice
  • Jon Heidtke Former Student
  • Carol Pauli Instructional Associate Professor
  • Carol Austin Snowden Former student
  • Bill Toler Former student
  • Andy Richardson Associate Athletic Director
  • Kelly Brown Associate Vice President
  • Michaela Rush News editor for The Battalion
  • Myranda Campanella Editor-in-Chief for The Battalion
  • Douglas Pils Staff Advisor to The Battalion
  • Brady Stone Undergraduate student
  • Dale Rice Instructional Associate Professor
  • Michael Reilly Director
  • Loren Steffy Former Student
  • Matthew Watkins Former Student
  • Sandra Williams Associate Registrar
  • Rob Clark Managing editor, The Bryan-College Station Eagle