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New Processes Being Developed for Facilities Operation

Thursday, March 10, 2022 02:30 PM

The Path Forward working groups responsible for streamlining Texas A&M University's facilities operations are researching best practices to ensure the new centralized process outlined in the Path Forward is efficient and user friendly. We are on target to be fully functional by September 2022.

As that group finalizes this new process for facilities planning and development, we will provide updates as the new process is rolled out.

These changes will mean that the existing Council for Built Environment (CBE) will be transitioning to a new process. This is a great time to thank all of those who have given so much time and effort to be a part of that process. Your work truly made a difference on our campus.

With the new facilities approval process being developed, opportunities for input and feedback on new projects will still be available, and deadlines will be more clear-cut. In addition, the responsibilities and expectations for the Facilities Group will be more evident.    

As you know, there are many changes unfolding on our campus. But the goal of this change is to accomplish more efficient operations without sacrificing our unique core values, traditions and culture.

This is an exciting time for Texas A&M. For progress reports and other information on the 41 working groups and the entire Path Forward initiative, please check this dedicated website.

Greg Hartman
Senior Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
Texas A&M University